Wood pixel is questioning classic picturing by a combination of planning and accident.

Pixelation of motives will go so far that individual details are lost. In addition size and three dimensional effects require observation from a distance. The paradox is that you see more from a distance. Approaching someone or something, like you would normally do to get to know more, will not work.

Anyway it is only an image.

Does this form of picturing still fulfill the classic functions to show individual attributes and character? Or does it show that this can never succeed and never has?

Also these works reintegrate the display of pixels into a process of handcraft.

A pixel is the representation of a mathematical formula. In this transformation each equivalent of a pixel will be individualized by its form and processing.

Next to the individuality of the motive there is the individuality in the medium influenced by the author that any hand crafted work carries. Thus any portrait or picture is never neutral or objective.